Floor Barre® – Ballet – Posture&Rehabilitation – Breathing Moves

Class Description

Floor Barre®

Zena Rommett Floor Barre® was developed in New York for dancers of major companies. Soon the method received a resounding success thanks to the fact that, although it was developed for dancers, it was hugely effective for non-dancers too.

The aim of Floor Barre® is to work on alignment, connecting the different parts of the body, through length.

Floor-Barre® creates a great  mind & body connection, provides visible postural improvements and core stability. 

Using the floor, without the pressure of gravity, Floor-Barre® educates and benefits the all body, maximising muscles strength and length, avoiding stress and joints overload. 

It is a perfect tool to enhance and ameliorate the technique for dancers, professional and non-professional, at all levels. 

Floor Barre® is also a pioneer in injury prevention and rehabilitation, recommended by many doctors and specialists.

Zena Rommett method has been very influential for my career, as dancers and teacher. I annually take part in the Floor Barre® Teacher Seminar held by the Zena Rommett Foundation since 2014. 

Floor Barre® is a registered trademark of Camille Rommett.


To me BALLET is freedom in between the structure. 
It’s also a mental state. 

And that’s what I like to give to my student: the need to think to achieve a more conscious work, the chance to optimize the use of their body, reducing stress, enhancing freedom, improving lines and expressions.

When teaching I closely relate to anatomical principles driven by the idea that the major work to do is to understand ‘from where and how movements are coming from, and how they can be expressed better’.

During my classes special attention is given to the use of the upper body, the shifting of the weight and the traveling on space. Students work with different dynamics and musicality.

In the years I became closer to a more contemporary way of dealing with the ballet technique as a respond to the needs of the current dance scene.

Ballet is a difficult technique, it has structures, it requires dedication, but, once we learn how to embody all the elements, making them natural gestures, then everything becomes more fluid, spacious, harmonious and fun.

Posture and Rehabilitation


It’s proven that a bad posture causes many issues like daily aches and pains (example hemicranias), muscular imbalance, tensions and a negative self-image.

Good posture, on the other hand, can radically change the way you perceive yourself. This is the main goal of the posture program. 

Correcting bad or weak posture improves external appearance, reduces pains, increases energy and decreases tensions in body and mind, improves circulation and digestions, creates space in the articulation, strengthens and mobilizes sections of the body that might be stiff and inefficiently used. 


The aim of the rehabilitation program is to gain back the confidence in moving and in dealing with our body after an injury.

With the help of the Floor Barre® method rehabilitation post injury can be speeded up and optimized. Many patients have returned to daily life even stronger than before. 

Private sessions are the best and targeted way to work effectively on your issues, needs and desires.      

If you wish to receive more information about these programs please visit the contact page and get in touch!

Breathing Moves

I developed Breathing Moves with the main goal of making people MOVE, because to me MOVEMENT is an inside treat.

Why is it so important that the body moves?!
To maintain and ameliorate the body natural function. 
To have healthy and active muscles and bones. 
To increase longevity
To give us energy. 

And more… 
Movement make us happier, it helps to relieve tension and stress and, sometimes, allows us to forget problems!

The class includes: respiration, gentle and effective work-out and stretching for a fulfilling and energizing experience.