Floor Barre®

Zena Rommett Floor Barre® was developed in New York for dancers of major dance companies. Soon the method received a resounding success thanks to the fact that, although it was developed for dancers, it was hugely effective for non-dancers too!

Floor-Barre® it’s a workout that creates a great connection between body and mind. Without the pressure of gravity, sequences are performed through controlled movements to educate the muscles how to maximise their strength and length, with no stress and without overloading the joints. Floor-Barre® focuses, in particular, on the acquisition of good body consciousness, postural improvement, core stability and muscle strength. It has been a pioneer in injury prevention and rehabilitation, recommended by many doctors and specialists.

In 2014, I introduced the method in the Netherland as the first trainer offering open classes.

My class starts focusing on the entire body, continuing with basic sequences to mobilise muscles and joints. The sequences increase of difficulty and level during the class, giving stability, coordination and length.

Corrections are given in order to reach a proper way of moving through the class, and correct movement understanding, in order to reach that deep work necessary to benefit the all body. Students don’t have only to do an exercise, they should understand what they are doing, how they do it and how it can be done better.

Often during the Floor-Barre® classes I incorporate a “balance” component which includes standing work directed at specific muscles group, aiming to increase balance and proprioception (“the sixth sense”).


Ballet - Class

Zena Rommett method has been very influential for my career, as dancers and teacher and my ballet class focuses on achieving a more conscious work, optimizing the use of muscles and joints, lengthening the body, reducing stress and improving lines and dynamic.

I closely relate to anatomical principles driven by the idea that the major work to do is to understand ‘from where and how movements are coming from, and how they can be expressed better’.

Even respecting and preserving the basics of classical ballet, the methodology and the vocabulary of the pure and historical methods (Vaganova, Cecchetti), I became closer to a more contemporary way of dealing with the ballet technique, in order to suit the needs of the current dance scene.

During my classes special attention is given to the upper body, to the shifting of the body’s weight, to help the traveling on space, and I pretty much work with different dynamics and musicality.

What I like to give to the students is freedom in between the structure. Often classical ballet is considered as a stiff, academic technique, that does not allow the body to freely express itself. Of course I consider this extremely untrue! Ballet is hard, it has structures, it requires dedication, but, once the body has understood the dynamics, the biomechanics and has learned to embody all of these elements, transforming them into natural gestures, then everything become just fun.‘We need to control the body, in order to let it go.’ 


Modern Contemporary - Class & Choreography

Modern and Contemporary dance workshop and choreographies, upon request.

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Breathing Moves

I developed Breathing Moves with the main goal of making people MOVE. Taking inspiration from exiting methods and bring some of them together, I created this class in order to reach a wide audience, offering them different possibilities of movements.

Movement does not only mean ‘work-out’ in a fitness prospective. Movement is not only a way to loose weight and look better. And also movement differs from dance.

Movement is also an inside treat. The body needs to move to maintain its natural function, to have healthy and active muscles and bones, to stay young and have energy. Movement make us happier, let us relieve tension and stress and, sometimes, allows us to forget problems!

The class includes: respiration, gentle and effective work-out and body movements for a fulfilling and energising experience.

Available for workshops and guest classes for all level, with preferences in the professional education schools and academies.

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