Rehabilitation - Posture - Special for Dancers

Private Session

Rehabilitation Program

Floor-Barre® has reached optimal results as rehabilitation method, recommended by many doctors and specialists.

Thanks to Floor-Barre® the rehabilitation post injury can be speeded up because of the gentle but deep work on muscles and body awareness. Many patients have returned to daily life even stronger than before.

The Rehabilitation program is a great treatment that helps to gain back confidence in moving and dealing with the body after injury. It represents an optimal maintenance exercise and also an help in preventing future injuries.

Postural Program

Do you wish to work on posture and alignment, strengthen your muscles and get rid of tensions in your body?

Floor-Barre® is mainly directed to correct posture and alignment, to gain strength ‘while lengthen’ and to work on the balance in order to develop a more conscious understanding of our body.

With the session you can allow your body and mind to release unnecessary tensions, creating space in the articulations and mobilizing sections of the body that are stiff and unused during the daily routine.

Special for Dancers

Dancers aiming to professional studies and career

The private session will work on basics principles to improve ballet technique, create exquisite lines, understand essential concepts to become aware of the body in space and the mechanism of movements.

Working on turn out, feet and legs, balance, etc, the dancer can refine his/her technique and the expressivity of the dance form.

The private sessions are a great opportunity to work on the specific needs, weaknesses and talents of the dancer. An individual program will be developed based on the dancer’s characteristics, in order to achieve targeted, effective and visible results.

Rehabilitation for dancers

The rehabilitation program uses Floor-Barre® to meet the injured dancer body needs and technique in order to go back dancing stronger than before.

The private sessions will help to re-gain strength and confidence, to re-set body and mind post injury and to re-build autonomy in movements.

Moreover, the collaboration with Profysio and especially with Maarten Groothuis (physiotherapist specialized in dance), will give a further support to the dancers’ rehabilitation.

*For some injury is also possible to practice during the healing process.

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